All the world's a stage 
Ross Lowe - 26th November 2015 

They say that "all the world is a stage". For businesses in the 21st Century, it truly can be more than ever before. Thing is, how well are you performing? Does your business have real presence online or are you suffering from stagefright and spending a little too long in the wings watching on while somebody else grabs the limelight?  Thespian terminolgy aside (for a minute or so at least) there is no better time than now when it comes to being able to get your brand, your messages and your voice out there. Most businesses have a website (and if you haven't - please stop fannying about and do something about that. I can recommend plenty of good people who can sort that for you without breaking the bank, just ask me!). Websites immediately put you out there in front of the rest of the planet of course, but without carefully crafted content on every page you may as well be talking in poorly delivered stage whispers (see - I told you it wouldn't last long). Content is king. Believe it. Without clear, concise and compelling content to read that enables visitors to your website to do exactly what you want them to, they will soon tire of looking for what they came for and bugger off somewhere else.   Sorry but... they will.   I mean, you would, wouldn't you? Putting yourself in their shoes is key. Get into the role of the person visiting your website and think about how they'd like to be informed, educated and entertained. What do you want to them to find out? What do you want them to do? Call you? Email you? Buy something from you? Download something? Are you giving them ample opportunity to do that in a way that makes it easy, quick and engaging? Or are you just sending them to sleep? Take a look at your website content and have a think. 

While you're doing that, consider your audience again. How well is the content coming across to you? Could it be said using fewer words? Are you repeating points when you don't really need to? You might want to get a few people to read through it for you and offer some feedback. Just don't take it personally! Take note of what is said and consider how you can use those thoughts to help shape your new web content. 
Then, for an encore - consider a little SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is, in essence, the sprinkling of search terms and key words across your text to enable it to be found by Google and other online search engines. How effective those terms are depends on how often you use the terms on each page (in relation to the total amount of words) and how elegant the text itself is. Make no mistake, Google is getting better and better at sniffing out text which is written for consumption by a human being and that which has been put together for a machine to gobble up. Get it right and Google will throw flowers. Get it wrong and it'll be rotten tomatoes and you'll be catapulted down the rankings. Don't stress though: there are plenty of ways to find out about the best practices, plus lots of apps and software to help you check how optimised your website is. 
It takes time though. That's when you need a good copywriter to take to the stage. Hiring in a decent copywriter and getting them to look through your website before fashioning new, punchy and search engine-optimised content for it can make a huge difference. It can turn a poor performance into an internet tour de force and ensure that your website gets the positive audience reaction that it deserves. 
From top: images show yours truly getting his drama on as 'Carlos' with Carlton Operatic Society in 'Legally Blonde' at the Nottingham Theatre Royal (May 2015) and as 'Action' with Long Eaton Operatic Society during a tech rehearsal for 'West Side Story' at Trent College, Long Eaton (October 2014). 
I'll be onstage again soon in 'Fawlty Towers' with Encore Performing Arts at the Nottingham Arts Theatre (22-27 February 2016) and 'Grease' with Carlton Operatic Society at the Nottingham Theatre Royal (1-5 June 2016). 
Tickets and info:  
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