When's the right time to write? 
Ross Lowe - 03rd August 2015 

It's a question I'm often asked - and often ask myself. Just when is the best time to write? Well, it's all dependant on a number of factors really. Time of day is one. Some will tell you that your creative juices flow more freely first thing in the morning. Dan Brown, bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code, finds that getting up at 4am to write is the best time of day as he's guaranteed not to be plagued by distractions for his attention such as the maddening ping of emails droppping into his inbox, or the buzzing of his phone as a text arrives.  I'm inclined to agree - getting up at the crack of dawn is a brilliant time to start hammering away at the keyboard. Seeing the sun rise does all kinds of wonderful things for your soul and working, steaming mug of fresh coffee in hand and free from distraction is a wonderful thing to be cherished. However, I am writing this to you in the first few days of August when the sun is high in the sky by 5.10am. Ask me again in November and I might give you a very different and somewhat more grunty response.  Another factor to consider is inspiration. You might not feel inspired until later in the day, when something has occured to actually inspire you to whip your biro out in the first place. Fair enough - but by then you might be sat behind the wheel bombing up the M1 (keep your eyes on the road, you tinker), in the middle of an important meeting with the top brass or 'sat on the throne', mid-way through 'dropping the kids off at the pool' (I'll be doing a post on euphemisms and slang soon - keep your legs crossed until then). Frustrating as it might be, that's often how and when the best ideas manifest themselves: at the most inconvenient sodding times imaginable.  The key at that point is preparation, and that's why I don't go anywhere without my trusty notebook or journal. Or, depending on how close I am to my aforementioned poo, a length of Andrex. As soon as you get chance, scribble that idea down before it scurries away. Even if you're not able to take advantage of it straight away, you'll find a time.  Morning, afternoon or night - it all depends on how you feel , how ready you are, what's going on around you and where you are. There's no right or wrong. Chair or lavatory, just sit yourself down and see what happens. As it were.   

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